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10 Dumbest iPhone Apps

10 Coolest iPhone Apps




Giant Waterslide Jump

          Real or Fake. Great!     1st Attempt; Fail 


       Common' Sing Along!!!!


Spanish Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich English is as good.


Are you with me?  Go Jack!


      Can I order a case or Two?????   Jack Tropical Smoothie -


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Taco Town:




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100 Movie lines in 200 seconds


88 Lines about 44 Women......   The Nails  


4.25 Pretty Women  2007














Kewl Lighting Demo

    High End Systems ShowPix



Funny SNL Shorts

  Dick in a Box

Disney Version

Mother Lover

Natalie Portman Rap





     Smokers Lounge Ceiling  



      Chalk Artist: Julian Beever  click for Photos

CBS Sunday Morning




Who is Edgar Muller?   Kewl Metropolis "The Crevasse" 3D Street Painting  :


Also check out "the Kills"

The Kills Live at Antone's - March 12, 2008   Fusing angst, attitude and a sexy swagger together in one irresistible brew, this sweaty and sultry performance from London’s The Kills more than demonstrates why they were one of SXSW’s finest acts.



Carpets for Airports...    

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In the Court of the Crimson King   From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia      "With Fripp's collaboration Steven Wilson remixed

the original master tapes into 5.1 Surround Sound, and a 40th Anniversary edition is scheduled to be released

12 October 2009.[7][8] There are three different versions planned for release: a two-CD set, a CD+DVD set and a

six-disc (5CD/1DVD) box."


Wolfgang's Vault:

"The vast majority of material in Wolfgang's Vault comes from the exquisitely preserved, original archives of Bill Graham Presents, which we now own and manage. Beginning with the seminal concerts of the mid 1960s and continuing through today, we've assembled a superb collection that is being cared for in state-of-the-art facilities."

Bill Graham Catalog    

Kewl, Ben check this out!      

Concert Summary

Robert Fripp - guitar
Greg Lake - vocals, bass
Ian McDonald - woodwinds, Mellotron
Michael Giles - drums

This show was taken from King Crimson's first U.S. tour featuring the original quartet lineup, on a night when they were the opening act on a bill with Fleetwood Mac and Joe Cocker. These three songs comprise the complete set.

This set captures the original band shortly after the release of their first album. Opening with a very early arrangement of "Pictures of a City," a song that was destined for their second album, they immediately prove that, as monumentally heavy as their studio recordings were, they were more powerful in live performance. The extraordinarily high level of musicianship combined with Greg Lakes' captivating vocals cannot be ignored.

The version of "Epitaph" is fairly close to the album arrangement, as is "21st Century Schizoid Man," which must have pulverized the audience. King Crimson (like Triton) was known for upstaging many popular acts of the period, and this set, although short, is good evidence why. (See Renaissance at Trenton State College).

According to Robert Fripp, this show was recorded on eight channel multi-tracks, but the masters were stolen and have never resurfaced.      (Comon'; Give 'em back Bobby!)

Listen to the whole set.   I thought Triton tortured it's audiences, but...... Opening with Pictures of a City!. Whew!

Here is Epitaph: (Ben; Play that dashboard Mellotron!)
















Bitter Heart Video -

Interview NPR

Honey Bee - Bitter Heart - Kantoi - Monte-





     Nicole Atkins


On Letterman - "The Way It Is" -

Original Video - "The  Way It Is"


Neptune City Video                 

Love surrea@ The Stone Pony

Red Black

Bleeding Diamonds




   Gogol Bordello  Live on Letterman -       


  Start Wearing Purple

Wanderlust King

American Wedding





Acoustico- Joe Cano, Tom Conway, Willie Wainright     Beautiful acoustic rendition      Time: 2:01



                 Jane Sibery

 One More Colour -

The Lobby

Map of thr World PT2  -

Sail Across the Water -
















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Möbius Strip



   200px-Blivetsvg.png image by planetarygear

A poiuyt, also known as a blivet ,














     Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band-

I'm Glad -

From the album - Safe As Milk (so sad baby so glad girl) When you first came round I was sad My head hung down I felt really bad Now I'm glad, glad about the good times that we've had Walked in t...


Safe as Milk  Live - 

Beeffheart on NBC Letterman   82

Beeffheart on NBC Letterman -

LIve in Belgum 1969 -

LIve in Dedtroit 71 -

Trout Mask Replica Ad -

Captain Beefheart - Lick my decals off, baby (advertisement) -                



      Salloom, Sinclair and the Mother Bear by Salloom, Sinclair and the Mother Bear  - "Marie La Peau"





The Roches SNL Hallelujah









Wow; What a web page.....      


Or This one from Microsoft Product Support...


























































Zumanity, New York New York, Las Vegas
















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